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Where is Adalee?

The setting is based on the Forgotten Realms. Adalee itself is an island, set somewhere in the Sea of the Fallen Stars.

What can be found on the Adalee island?

The island was discovered in recent times when explorers landed on the eastern coast. They built the first city there, Newland Bay, then started to explore the rest of the island. New cities have been built, but not every part of the island has been explored yet.

Fandonia is the largest town on the island, but unfortunately currently on lockdown. Pyaransk on the other hand is open to everyone, even gnolls, but the underworld has a lot of power there, so be careful.

What cannot be missed is its massive volcano on the southern part of the island, visible from most parts of the island. It brings warmth to the island, and also death. A monastery has been built at its base in order to protect the volcano and worship Kossuth, the God of Fire. Oddly enough, it seems that many people feel that the volcano is, in fact, a threat.

In the north, there is a sister island, Ice Adalee, that you can reach only by using a long bridge. It is dominated by the White Mountains. It is a large mountain chain covered by snow, and it also seems to bring a much colder climate to its surroundings.

What is the timeframe?

The timeframe is similar to the one in the official Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate campaigns, after the Times of Trouble but definitely before the Spellplague.

What is the magic level on Adalee?

By design, most spells are unchanged from vanilla, so to balance things out, Adalee is set as Full-PvP. That means that Area of Effect spells will affect allies. Magic users will have to be careful with their magic.

Adalee is a low/medium magic setting, with no permahaste and no true seeing items, and the most powerful items will be +3 with some properties.

To avoid some overpowered builds, only one prestige class is allowed on each character.

The highest level you can attain on Adalee is 30, though you can only get epic levels by roleplaying.