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Player Rules

1. No Harassment: 2. Destruction of Player Property: 3. Erotic Roleplay (ERP): 4. Player Verses Player (PvP): 5. Metagaming:

Metagaming is the manipulating of assets on an OOC level for IC gain.

To avoid any risks of this, or the perceived involvement of it, characters played by the same player may not:

Player Verses Player (PvP)

Foreword: PvP In Cities: Breaking Into Faction Areas: Hostile Actions - Reasons for PvP:

Hostile actions considered appropriate escalation for PvP are the following:

This is not an exhaustive list, however if IC interactions arise where-by a character believes they should be allowed to engage in PvP for a reason not on this list they should reach out to a DM, not related to the conflict in any player-capacity, to confirm.

How to avoid PvP: PvP Etiquette:

All of the below must qualify.

Outcome: Excessive PvP Note: Permanent Death: