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Monsters and Factions

If you want to play a MPC (Monster Player Character), keep in mind that most of the time, many towns will be hostile.

Except if you are going to play a harmless monster (like a kitten), you may enter into one of those three categories :

How to play a Gnoll?

To play a Gnoll, you need to create a PC with the Half-Orc race and set the subrace as "Gnoll".

You will automatically get a gnollish appearance, be hostile to most towns, excluding Pyaransk, but you will be friendly with the Gnoll tribe on the Huntsman Lagoon.

Other gnollish appearances are available though, a DM can change you to another one on request.

How to play any other monster?

Join the Adalee discord if you have not already, then send a PM to FlowerGolem with your application, that is: