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If you are AFK (Away From Keyboard, that means you have to temporary leave your computer alone to deal with real life stuff), you can use the /afk command ; it will teleport you in a OOC AFK area. Once you are back to the game, type /afk again to teleport back to the original spot.

If you are actually in combat while you use /afk, the command will be accepted anyway, but the teleport will only happen at the end of the fight to prevent obvious abuse.

Where are the players?

If you wonder where the other players are, use the /who command. It will allow you to know where they are, when you can rejoin them. Please keep it mind it is a convenience tool that indeed allows some meta-gaming, so please find an in character excuse for finding your buddies that way.

We feel the point of a PW is to play with others, that's the reason of this command to exist, but there are some cases when you don't want to be found, for example if you are wanted, taken captive, or hunting someone. In that case you can use /pchide. Only your general location will be shown in that case, like "Somewhere in the woods".

Fast travel to Crossroads

If you are at the end of a dungeon and not willing to go back the long way, or if you are just lost, you can use /crossroads. It will port you and your party at the Crossroads, a neutral zone, where you can then take a caravan to travel to anywhere else.

Automatic Follow

If you need to be briefly AFK while your party or friends are walking, use /follow or /autofollow. Your PC will follow the nearest PC at this time. To cancel the command, do a move yourself. Be careful, automatic follow has a tendency to make the following PC teleport to the followed one, so use it only when really needed.

Force Walk

You can use /walk to force your PC to walk, which is especially useful for an elf PC. It will create an object heavy enough to encumber you as little as possible and make you walk.

If you carrying capacity change (for example you picked up a heavy item, or you recieved a Bull's Strength spell), you can type /walk again, it will remove the old object and recreate one at the right size.

To run again and get rid of the object, type /run.

If you prefer a switch-like command, to put on the quickbar for example, use /walktoggle. It will create the walk object if you don't have it already, to make you walk, or remove it, to make you run if you already have it.

Broastcast a message

If you want a particular in character message to be known by others, use /broadcast MESSAGE. Every PC will see it in the combat log. Roleplay wise, each PC is free to interpret how they took notice of the message, for example, rumors, propaganda, town criers, poster on the wall etc.

If you wish to actually send an IC letter to someone in particular (logged in or not), seek a Messenger.


You can put a hood with /hood. You can remove the hood and get your original face by typing the command again. This command won't work for dwarves and half-orcs, since they lack hooded head models.

Quest reminder

If you want to know what your current quest and who is the quest giver, type /quest. If you want to cancel a quest, you need to go back to the original quest giver (given by this command) and ask him or her that you would like to cancel.


You can inflict yourself some damage, with /damage HP_TO_REMOVE. It may make you feel unconscious or kill you right away, depending of your current Hit Points. If in doubt, do not use this command.

You can put yourself into uncounscious state (0 HP) directly with /dying. If in doubt, do not use this command.

Finally, you can also die directly without any bleeding (-10 HP) with /die. You will need to either be raised or respawn. If in doubt, do not use this command.