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Discover below the unique features of Adalee, made for your enjoyment!

Automatic XP for roleplay.

You get XP automatically for roleplaying on the server, even with no DM present. But if you prefer to grind instead, you absolutely can, but you won't get automatic XP for roleplay. Besides, DMs will also award XP if they spot good roleplay.

Epic levels for roleplayers.

Once you reach level 20, killing monsters won't award you XP anymore. You can only earn XP from roleplay (automatically or DM-given), and automatic XP RP is doubled to compensate. That means that epic levels are rewards for roleplayers, but everyone has the same chances!

Chat bubble.

When someone is currently typing something, a chat bubble VFX will appear above his or her head. It allows everyone to know where someone is about to say something.

Pacifist mode.

You want to play a PC that is mostly non-fighting? You can then turn the pacifist mode on with the /pacifist command. It will double the XP gained from roleplaying, at the expense of disabling any XP from creature death. Roleplaying, quests, and participating in DM events are the only ways to earn XP in pacifist mode.

Messaging system.

You can send an IC message to another adventurer, logged in or not. Ask one of the messengers in town to bring a message. It will be delivered as a real letter. Of course, it is not instant; the messenger has to find the recipient (logged in and not deep in some cave). You can also deliver messages yourself if you ask any messenger for work.

Sense Motive skill.

You can roll Sense Motive to counter a Bluff. Sense Motive ranks are determined by will saves, bluff ranks and helped by the Alertness feat.

Quest system.

Several NPCs can give you quests to give you an IC reason to explore, and it is another way to get gold and experience without any fighting or roleplaying.

Language system.

Racial languages are available, allowing you, if you so desire, to speak to those of the same race as you, while it is gibberish for the others. It also includes the animal language.

Boats and caravans.

You can travel quickly to other places in Adalee by using boats and caravans. Even the smallest unguarded boats can be used, but sometimes that's not really wise!

Player housing.

Everyone can buy a house in-game in some settlements, and own their own little place in Adalee. Based on roleplay, we are also open to important PCs owning larger things like taverns, stores, etc.

Player Event System.

Want to support your roleplaying with placeables, VFX, and your own talking and moving NPCs? Want to run an event without DM powers? You can, on Adalee! Every PC will have the tools to run player events, almost as if you were a DM. Amaze us with your own stories!

Play a monster.

You can also play as a gnoll and live among your kin within the gnoll settlements. Beware, most towns and most people are not very fond of gnolls, though. Besides gnolls, we may add more monstrous races in a future update, or do that for a particular PC on request. More information here!

Import your PC from another server.

You have an existing PC you love, built on another server, with his/her own story, and would like him/her to travel to Adalee for any reason? Adalee offers every player the ability to raise one single PC to level 15 right away, to reflect the situation of a seasoned PC coming to Adalee with the /import command. While intended for that purpose, we won't check if the PC actually exists on another server. We trust our players.

Faction system.

Adalee has many NPC factions. You can join most of them, and you can also leave them. Joining a faction will have consequences. Leaving a faction will also have consequences. Would you like to be a knight, working for the good-aligned largest town of Fandonia, and bring Light against Evil? Would you rather join the Monastery and fight for the Volcano's cause and the glory of Fire?

Or would you rather be part of one of the cold followers of Auril and seek the Volcano's deep freezing? Or "worse", join the Shadow Druids and seek the destruction of all civilization? It's up to you! If you are wise, you can also stay neutral and not join any faction.