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What is Adalee?

Adalee is a Neverwinter Nights EE Persistent World, focused on roleplay. But all gaming styles are welcome, as long as you stay in character and respect the other players. We are all here to have fun!

Will you start a new life there? Explore the island on your own as a young adventurer? Take a side in the conflicts between the Volcano supporters and the Aurilite? Take a side in the conflicts between towns with very different ideals? Or would you like to settle and get your own place, like an inn or a merchant? Your choice! Everything is possible on Adalee.

Adalee is in Open Beta. The world is open and you can play right now, but many areas are still under development and will be included on a regular basis.

How to connect to Adalee?

All you need is an updated version of Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition. Start a multiplayer game, look for "Adalee" in the server list, or use Direct Connect with or as the IP address. As soon as you connect once, you will find Adalee on the History tab. Adalee is open 24/7 on a dedicated server connection.

You don't need any HAK to play on Adalee. Custom content will be automatically downloaded the first time you connect to Adalee. It may look a bit heavy, but you will have to do it only once. When new custom content is added in a future release, only the actual new content will be automatically downloaded.

You can then create your PC. The game mechanism is very similar to the vanilla game, but some improvements have been made. Check the changes!

How to play?

You will arrive at Newland Bay by boat. You can find Spencer, the shopkeeper, and the Sheriff is not far away, inside his house. He can offer you a job. Oh, you can also take the caravan, or the boat, to explore the island. Or, you can just follow the road. Or even hike into the wilderness. Everything is possible!

You can get game information by typing /help. You can also ask the NPCs around you for in-character game information.

The most important thing to know before playing on Adalee is that you are expected to be in character (IC). That means that it is your PC who is talking, not you, the player. If you really need to speak out of character (OOC, that means, you, not the PC), use // before speaking, and/or use tells.

How to meet other players?

Do not hesitate to send tells to players if you would like to roleplay. Tells are out of character and most players will be happy to roleplay with new people! If one or several DMs are logged in, do not hesitate to use /dm to ask us something. We will always help!

The /who command can be used to find out where people are, but be careful not to meta-game that information too much ; find an IC reason to meet them, like "I was going to the kobold cave and I noticed some footsteps in the sand".

The server is busy in the European afternoon, European evening, and American evening. Currently, the absolute record is 21 players connected at the same time, with an average of 8 players daily connected at the same time. You can see who is logged in by looking at the now playing list on the left of the website.