Adalee 2

Adalee 2 is a Neverwinter Nights EE Roleplay Persistent World and will be released on June 21st, 2024.


What is Adalee ?

Adalee is an island set in the Sea of the Fallen Stars. It's a cohesive world; you can explore it fully by foot. The starting rural town of Newland Bay, blessed by Lathander, is on the east coast. The large, good town of Fandonia is on the west coast. But is it that good? You can find Pyaransk, the neutral town on the north-east, but can its megalomaniac, corrupted king be trusted?

A large piece of wood is covering the north-east of the island, an ideal place to hide something, but what? The south-east is mostly mountains, where the reclused dwarves live. What did they unearth, though, to fear so much the outside world? In the south-west lies a volcano, and next to it is a dry desert. What other curses has this volcano done to the island?

Finally, there is a sister island, accessible by a long bridge on the south coast. The shadow of Auril lies on this frozen land. Will she attempt to harm Adalee again?

Adalee 2 is the full, fixed, rebuilt-from-scratch version of Adalee. All areas are there for a full NWN gaming experience. While it is, of course, a world designed for multiplayer, Adalee 2 will also be fun if you are alone. Finally, the experience put on Adalee is used to fix anything that was wrong, especially the balancing.

A refreshed vanilla NWN experience

Unlike many current NWN servers, Adalee 2 still looks like vanilla NWN, but with improved visuals, rebalanced mechanisms, ease-of-use improvements, and new classes available to allow more build variety.

The magic level has been lowered compared to Adalee 1. The intent is to avoid being overwhelmed by powerful items or immense wealth and to make class abilities actually matter.