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Module Updated - v1.45 Doom Edition (2023-09-13)

- Something very dire happened! The volcano has awoken again; it is raining ash, and there is quite some damage! In the future timeline, it seems things have actually worsened. It looks like the end of time is near. What is going on? What can adventurers do to fix that? Play and find out!

Module Updated - v1.44b (2023-07-30)

- There are rumors about something going on with the crystals on Adalee's surface. What is going on?

Module Updated - v1.44 Ashborough Reloaded Edition (2023-07-26)

- Ashborough areas have been remastered! Exteriors have a much better-looking appearance. The dungeon is now more dangerous, as it was never meant to be a low-level area. It now includes a boss that can give XP to epic PCs.

- White Mountain Lana's Lair has been fixed. Lana will now spawn the creatures every time. Also, the creatures actually summoned have been updated.

- The Arcanist Council has been added to the module. Access is rather obvious from the Ruby Valley area. [by Mr. Brains and Rapacious]

- Pyaransk Jail has been added to the module. [by Mr. Brains]

- Umbrellas and parasols are now available. There are ten of them for sale, available in Pyaransk (Giogi in the Thorned Rose), Feldton (Lily-Rose), and City of Leaves (Elven Fashion Store).

- The Thorned Rose now holds in its library seven brand-new books. [by Winterhawk99, Gwondier, STAP, and Sweets]

- Clarrise's cell in the Asylum is now decorated with flowers. Clarrise can explain why if you really want to know.

- Drakin support has been removed from the module.

Module Updated - v1.43 Gnolls Reloaded Edition (2023-06-21)

- Gnolls The gnolls have evolved from the former Scuzzfang tribe. They are now non-hostile and will greet you with open arms (well, almost). All areas have been redone, and lore has been made deeper. Events will allow people to explore the new gnoll lore. [by Brains and Razz]

- Sitting NPC Sitting NPCs will now stay seated instead of standing up when talked to. [By Brains]

- Crossroads One, no, two new merchants, can be found right at the crossroads, as well as a new one in Feysong. What is going on? Check it out!

Module Updated - v1.42 Mystic Theurge Edition (2023-06-07)

- Mystic Theurge A new prestige class is available, the Mystic Theurge. It allows PCs using both arcane and divine magic to build on the synergy between the two sources of magic.

- Sky Bar The Sky Bar (a bar tended by giants above Feysong) is now officially in the module. You can buy drinks and an exclusive potion found nowhere else!

- Feysong Cave A tremor opened a new cave around the place where the darkened caverns used to be. Rumors say a dragon may elect this place as its lair.

- Potions All merchants now sell their potions in ten-packs for easier shopping. Individual potions can still be found as loot, and they stack with the ten-packs.

- Poison Poison items are now stackable.

- Mindwatch Outfit Mindwatch Sentinels players can now freely exchange their default outfit with three variants.

- Mindwatch Quest You can now do Lewis Hill's quest without having to ask to join the Mindwatch Sentinels.

- Asylum No Magic Asylum's main areas now prevent magic from being cast.

- Haakon Haakon's quest now explains where a Spark of Time can be found for unfamiliar players.

- Paladin spells Paladin weapon buff spells now work on exotic weapons like mauls and picks.

- Feysong housing Feysong's housing has been fixed.

Module Updated - v1.41 Asylum Edition (2023-05-31)

- Asylum The asylum has opened! You can reach it by boat. Go there and say hi to the inmates.

- Pyaransk Mindwatch Sentinel (PMS) It's a new faction dedicated to watching out for criminals (mostly magical ones), in case they need to be put in the asylum if they are found dangerous. You can join them through a scripted questline involving all the inmates.

- New quest system The Asylum features the future Adalee 2 Quest System, including journal entries, skill usage, and several creative ways to do things. To follow the new questline here, you need to ask to join the PMS (you can change your mind at the end). Part 2 of the questline (in a future update) will require you to be a member, though.

- Pyaransk Administration Building The building now has map notes for easier navigation, and the officials now close their doors, and actually sit on their chairs.

- Everflame The Everflame now rests in the buried temple of Kossuth.

- Great Bridge The new Tymora temple has been built, even if it's not open yet.

- Feysong Feysong's damage has been completely repaired.

Module Updated - v1.40 Architect Edition (2023-04-06)

- Architect & Emy The Architect is back at home. Now, if you take the time needed to reach his tower, the Architect can reward you with XP and a lot of canon lore. Or you can just want to see Emy the creepy girl, it looks like she has new maps to a specific island to give away.

- Leila Darkrose Leila Darkrose is now a NPC at the Singing Wolf. You can now get her side of the story.

- Woodsborough A new secret town in the Wild Woods can be found if you have the right map. It is now complete with full housing, a temple, guard towers, and an alarm system.

- Chaos magic areas The Slaadi Caves and associated areas are now affected by chaos magic. DMs can also make other areas affected by chaos dynamically.

- Chaos magic PC A PC can be permanently affected by chaos magic if they have been exposed enough to it! It has an advantage, though: they can jump through the map with /jump.

- God Anger If a PC annoys a God enough, they may suffer the consequences of divine anger! It won't kill your PC, but it's not something I would look for.

- Wanted You can now be wanted in Feldton, Feysong, and Salajevka. Be an honest citizen.

- Feysong The Darkened Cavern has collapsed. Also, the caravan now leads at the entrance of the town.

- Great Bridge A temple to Tymora is under construction on the Great Bridge.

- Bug fixes Housing in Salajevka has been fixed.

Module Updated - v1.39 Disguise Edition (2023-03-20)

- 4 classes support You can now add up to 4 classes to your PC. In order to be able to use four classes, you need to update your game to the latest development version, v87.8193.35-36.

- Disguise Mode You can disguise yourself with /disguise. It changes your displayed name to either Man, Woman or Creature (including in /who). It is suggested that you also change clothes to make your disguise more believable. It will blur areas names in your own /who to prevent abuse.

- Uncover Disguise If you see one or more disguised people, you can try to guess who they are with /guess.To detect a disguise, you use wisdom, intelligence, your PC's total level, and the base skill ranks in Spot or Search. Disguised characters counter the guessing attempt with dexterity, charisma, PC's total level, and base skill ranks in Hide. Shapeshifted monsters are harder to guess and will add base skill ranks in Animal Empathy. Characters with tails or, worse, wings, will be easier to uncover! There is a cooldown for /guess to prevent abuse.

- Visible Wings You cannot hide your beautiful wings with cloaks anymore. Any cloak you attempt to put on will be automatically set as hidden if you have wings.

- God-aware respawn If you bite the dust in the game, you will now respawn in the most appropriate temple, based on your race, class, deity, and alignment.

- Deity change You can set or change your deity with /deity. It will enforce a known one. Changing your deity will probably change your respawn point.

- Summons size You can now alter your summon's size with /size. It also works on familiars and animal companions.

- Pirates Revolutions The pirates are back once more in their wet cave with a new leader.

- Paranoid Hornet The pawn shop's owner hired new guards. Curious.

- /removexp tweak You can now use this command without a parameter, it will remove your last level while removing as little XP as possible. One single experience point will be enough to level up again, and, hopefully, make a better class/skills/feats selection.

- Quite a few minor tweaks and fixes.

Module Updated - v1.38 Spiders Edition (2023-03-06)

- Wild Woods Northwest A new area of the Wild Woods can be explored through a little passage that can be found in the north area. It is infested by spiders and ettercaps. There is a new medium-level quest linked to this place.

- Spider Poison Defeating a spider (wherever they are found) will now give the players poison items, so they can poison their weapon with them. The more difficult it is to beat the spider, the more powerful the collected poison is.

- New items 12 new items are for sale in Giogi's store in the Thorned Rose.

- New heads 69 new heads have been added for female human PCs (for a total of 109 heads). Future releases will feature new heads for other races and genders.

- /head The new command /head allows you to quickly select a new head by its ID. The crafting body system is, of course, still available.

- Picks, Mugs, Books, Instruments, Time Staff Like all other weapons, they can now be enchanted by Magic Weapon, Greater Magic Weapon, Darkfire, and Flame Weapon. They can also be enchanted permanently by the NPCs.

- Loot tables All the recently added items (magic flowers, holdable items, weapons and clothes of the latest fashion) can now be found randomly in dungeons.

- Bug fixes Isania (the elf blacksmith) will not make you waste sparks by trying (and failing) to add Keen property to a non-suitable weapon anymore.

- Bug fixes Some other minor bugs have been fixed as well.

Module Updated - v1.37 Holdables Edition (2023-02-20)

- Holdables You can now hold new non-weapon objects : mugs (two magical ones found in bar stores), crystal balls (one magical one found in wizard stores), books (two magical ones found in wizard stores), babies, and musical instruments (five of them, found in bard stores).

- New animations New animations can be used to emote with your PC : /point, /think, /headache, /cross, /crouch, /sleep.

- Playing music If you are holding a suitable musical instrument (all but the tambourine), you can use the new play animation with it by using /play.

- Time Staff The Time Staff is now shinier. If you already have one, it will be automatically replaced.

- Pale Master Enhancement Each level in Pale Master will now increase your Caster Level (but as vanilla, you will only get new spell slots for odd levels).

- Harper Scout Enhancement Each level in Harper Scout will now increase your Caster Level in both divine and arcane classes, as well as getting new spells slots.

- Animal Language Only rangers and druids with at least one skill point in Animal Empathy will get the animal token. It will be removed for Rangers and Druids without points in that skill.

- Good Drow Good Drow support has been added. Note : Playing good drows is only on application, and is not the preferred way to play a drow.

Module Updated - v1.36 Persistent Storage Edition (2023-02-06)

- Persistent Storage Each town now features a Vault Keeper (either in the market or in the wizard shop if there is one). They allow you to keep your items safely for a small fee, even if a reset takes place.

- Continuous Travel The game will now remember your location when you travel the world. Any future reset will now bring your PC to the closest place where you logged off before the reset.

- Additional Tails Twelve new tail models have been added.

- New DM tools The Adalee DM tools have been improved to allow DM to run even bigger events for you!

Module Updated - v1.35 Christmas Is Near Edition (2022-12-13)

- 30 new placeables, the majority of which are Christmas-themed (snowmen, Christmas trees, gifts, Christmas accessories, pianos, cellos, candles, wolf rugs, and so on). 

- Divine Shield and Divine Might now last 1 turn (2 turns for cleric/paladin level 10-20 or blackguard level 10, 3 turns for cleric/paladin level 21-24 or blackguard level 11-19, 4 turns for cleric/paladin level 25-29 or blackguard level 20, 5 turns for cleric/paladin level 30). You will also receive a message when the spell ends, so you will know when to cast it again.

- Summon Paladin Mount Since there are no horses on Adalee, the Paladin Mount now summons a celestial instead to mimic the abilities of the Blackguard. You will get a Lantern Archon for levels 5-8, a Hound Archon for levels 9–14, and a Celestial Avenger for levels 15+. (Greater) Spell Focus Conjuration gives the summons more hit points.

- Smite Evil and Smite Good can now be used three times per day. The feat Extra Smiting now adds six more uses (for a total of nine) to either smite.

- Shadow Evade's duration now increases with Shadowdancer levels. It is 5 rounds at level 4 (like in vanilla), 1 turn at level 5, 2 turns at level 6, 3 turns at level 7, and so on, until it reaches 16 turns at level 20.

- Shadow Daze can now be used three times per day.

- The first PC Rebuild with /rebuild is now free, allowing players to account for mechanical changes in their build. It is offered once per PC and once per reset.

- The minimaps in the newest tilesets are now fixed.

Module Updated - v1.34 Flowers Edition (2022-11-22)

- Flowers There is a new flower merchant in Feldton. You can buy flowers, hold them in your hand, plant them (by dropping them in a natural area), and pick them (by clicking a planted flower).

- Magical Flowers There are rumors of magical flowers growing in some places. They are very rare and have unique magical abilities. You can pick them and use them, or you can sell them to the flower merchant, who will offer a lot for them. You cannot replant them, though.

- New outfits There is a new merchant in Feysong who is selling brand new robes (male and female) and skirts (female) designs.

- Clothes Customization There are ten new robes (including two female-only skirts) and ten new torso options.

- Singing Wolf The outdoor tavern has reopened, thanks to the players' actions.

- Epic Quest The future has been altered thanks to the players' actions.

- Messengers Messengers now spawn next to the PC instead of into them.

Module Updated - v1.33 Sanitized Spawns Edition (2022-11-06)

- Sanitized Spawns The Random Leveled Spawns have been removed from the game. All areas using it now use regular spawns (all the Epic Quest, Ruby Bog Inn, Kobold Mine). You will encounter much fewer spawns and a better difficulty progression.

- Ruby Bog The pumpkin trail and the special reward are gone, but you can still go there to earn some experience. Also, jumping and flying to the tower is now impossible to avoid getting experience too easily.

- Epic Quest Adalee's future has changed slightly as a result of the players' actions.

- Epic Quest End Boss The end boss' helpers now return to their spawn point if they do not see any players.

- Epic Quest Fast Travel If you have completed the Epic Quest at least once, you can use /future to go back to the Epic Quest at any time, and /crossroads usage is unlocked, even if you are in the Epic Quest.

- Player name check Player names are now enforced for each PC. That means that for a particular PC, you need to use the same player name to avoid database confusion. You can still use different player names for different PCs with the same CD key, as long as you always use the same player name for a given PC.

Module Updated - v1.32 Halloween Edition (2022-10-31)

- Halloween Quest There is a new quest available in the Crossroads with a special reward. Get it before Halloween (week) is over!

- New area Ruby Bog North, accessible west from Ozilin's Swamp, with two small dungeons.

- Wild Woods South Fandonia, Pyaransk and the City of Leaves finally realized they were guarding a dummy artifact; they lifted the lockdown on this part of the woods.

- New placeables Placeables menu has 7 new Halloween-themed placeables.

Module Updated - v1.31 Epic Quest Edition (2022-10-24)

- Epic Quest  A new, large epic quest is available, with lore, an epic challenge, and epic rewards. If you are level 20 or above, you will know how to get it. The associated dungeon is very dangerous. We strongly suggest people recruit a party of high-level adventurers.

- Time Stop Tweak The ability to stop time is a dangerous power. If you attempt to stop time again before the first Time Stop has expired, you will attract a Time Elemental who will punish you for messing with time.

- Foggy breath If your PC is in an area where it is cold, he or she will automatically have a foggy breath for realism.

- RP XP The RP XP has been increased slightly. Epic and pacifist PCs can get up to 250 XP per tick. Long sentences are better rewarded than before.

- Combat XP The combat XP cap has been lowered to 250 XP maximum per kill. Also, the XP increase or decrease related to the CR difference has been slightly lowered.

- Epic Combat XP While combat still does not yield XP for epics in the general case, epic creatures and very high-level bosses now give some XP to reward the risk taken.

- Shop Gold Cap To limit the overall quantity of gold and give it more significance, shops now give up to 5,000 gold pieces when you sell an item.

- Remastered Area The Volcano Ascension area has been remade.

Module Updated - v1.30 Heads Edition (2022-09-25)

- Draken A new dynamic creature appearance (341) is available. It's a taller kobold who can wear gear. It's also the beginning on Adalee of a new specie of kobold. New MPCs can already be made using this new race. More content related to Draken will be available in future updates [by Illy]. 

- New heads 56 new heads are available. You can select them at PC creation or change them afterwards with the craft menu. 

- New tails 12 new dragon tails are available for RDDs who would like a tail to match their wing color. 

- Topiary creature 8 new creature appearances that you can apply to your summons (appearance 342-349) to give them a more druidic appearance. 

- Newland Bay defenses Defenses are building up on Newland Bay thanks to Clarrise's donation. New guard towers have been built. It's on-going work.

Module Updated - v1.29 Newland Bay Remastered Edition (2022-09-19)

- Newland Bay The area has been remastered. [by Mr Brains]

- Feldton A new inn has opened. There is also a new boat (usable only if you are accompanied by one of the owners) to travel to the former Pirate Island. [by RamanaJala]

- Area change due to RP Greenbeard is gone, again. A new altar to Loviatar has been gifted to the Dark Pantheon. The Blue Diamonds thugs have been disbanded.

- Minor fixes Some areas got some fixes: Kobold Mines, Wild Meadow Mine, Eilistraee Sancturary, Thorned Rose, House Mistari.

New Adalee Map (2022-08-14)

DM Nomos has made a very pretty map of Adalee. You can find it, along with the old technical map, here. Many thanks to him for this awesome work!

Module Updated - v1.28 Random Levelled Spawns Edition (2022-08-12)

- Improved Mining The Light Pick can be used by rogues now (like handaxes). Also, mining yields more XP, and ore is much more valuable! Do not forget to sell to ore dealers for better prices!

- Remastered Kobold Dungeon New areas Kobold Tunnels and Kobold Village replace the old Kobold Den. It should be more interesting to explore and a bit less dangerous for low-level PCs.

- Remastered Kobold Mine A new area called Kobold Mine has taken the place of the old Overrun Mine. It has random leveled spawns, which means that the higher your (or your party's) level, the stronger and more numerous the foes! Furthermore, the opponents will not be the same for each run!

- New area, Kobold Abandoned Mine You will find a new dungeon in a not so obvious way into the Kobold Tunnels. It also features random levelled spawns and new Adalee lore!

- Remastered Area Newland Bay - Northern Beach. [by Mr Brains]

- Remastered Area Newland Bay - Clairesian Spire. [by Mr Brains]

- Updated area The Thorned Rose in Pyaransk has been updated [by Gorga] and is open again.

- New Thorned Rose Quest A new quest giver can be found in the Thorned Rose (go through the Lyceum door). It's an experimental, more complex quest, intended for low-level PCs, doable once per reset and per PC. It can give XP, even for Epic PCs, and features a new area accessible only through this quest. [Idea and NPCs by Sweets, area by Mr Brains, scripting by FG]

- In-game Help The latest missing commands have been added to the /help command.

Module Updated - v1.27 Mining Edition (2022-07-16)

- New weapon: Light pick This is a light pickaxe, intended for mining, but can also be used for fighting. Damage is 1d4 piercing, critical is 20 (x4) and is finessable. It makes use of the handaxe feats.

- New weapon: Heavy pick This is a heavy pickaxe, adventurers with small stature will need two hands to wield it. Intended for mining, but can also be used for fighting. Damage is 1d6 piercing, critical is 20 (x4). It uses the battleaxe feats.

- Mining With either pickaxe, you can now mine ore veins in the various mines of Adalee for experience (if not epic) and gold (when you sell the valuable ore). Ore Dealers (in Newland Bay, Pyaransk, City of Leaves and Feysong) will offer much more gold for ore than the regular merchants. Ore will have more uses in future releases.

- Wild Meadow Mine Work on the Wild Meadow mine, near the Venomous Lioness, is now more advanced. A mine has been dug below the old bandit cave. Miners have been hired to mine iron, copper, and platinum. [By Dunval]

- Other mines You can find gold, silver and tin ore inside the volcano (beware the elementals). You can find adamantine and mithral ore in the Underdark, in the Screaming Grove South area (beware the drows). Finally, you can find copper, iron ore and coal in the kobold overrun mine.

- New clothing options There are 39 new torsos for CA 0 (cloth), 4 new torsos for CA 1 (padded), 15 new torsos for CA 3 (studded leather), 8 new torsos for CA 4 (chain shirt), 5 new torsos for CA 5 (chainmail), 4 new torsos for CA 6 (banded) and 5 new torsos for CA 8 (full plate).

- Automatic Identify When you pick up an unidentified item but have enough lore to identify it, the item will now be automatically identified.

- Newland Bay Improved Defenses Based on roleplay, Newland Bay has fortified itself thanks to the generous donation of Clarrise.

- Maul Mauls are now fully textured.

Module Updated - v1.26 Summer Edition (2022-06-22)

- New area Diamond Volcano East Face, accessible from Monastery and Lightning Valley. After an Adalee quake caused by the volcano, a hidden cave has opened in this otherwise deserted place.

- New area Lost Valley is "the hidden cave". It is an extremely dangerous place, featuring a new tileset and brand new monsters. It also contains the first Key.

- Greenbeard is back in his cave. He and his new team are stronger than they used to be! The pirates are now a joinable faction (with DM help).

- Improved visuals The skies and rain are much prettier now!

- Improved random items Random items can now be magic staves, ranged weapons, and monk gloves.

- Improved auto-emotes The auto-emote system has been reworked to be much less disruptive than it used to be.

- Improved Darkania's Dresses Darkania's stuff have been improved to keep up with the new random items' powers. New items are also available. Catalogues can be found there as well. [by ShadeDracswell]

- Bugfixes The /afk and /fly commands are fixed, as well as the Venomous Lioness Cellar door and the spell slots levels for the random items.

Module Updated - v1.25 Randomly Generated Items Edition (2022-06-03)

- Randomly Generated Items Worried about items' variety? Worry no more! Now, powerful items can be generated randomly, with random properties. You will now get (almost) unique items! All bosses are guaranteed to get a powerful random item, according to their level. Also, higher loot may include random items, the higher the loot, the higher the chance! Time to grind again! Exchange your unique items with the other players!

- Darkania's Dresses is officially open! Three new items are available, and Darkania has dressed up the town guards in the City of Leaves.

- Pyaransk Meadow The bandit cave had been cleared out previously by adventurers, and Elissril claimed the place. Amber started a stone quarry there. [by Dunval]

- South Road Bandit Cave Do you miss those scoundrels from the Meadow? The bandits have been relocated to the South Road.

- Hellshire is the new Half-orc camp refugee led by Hugdish. It is located south of the Wild Coast and east of the Rocky Hills. You can also take a boat there. [by Crayzee4dnd]

- Helmite Cloister has been built and is open in Newland Bay Southern Beach. Go there to buy two new brand items! [by Saadow]

- Bound Hand (Ilmater Shrine) has been built in Pyaransk Docks. [by Saadow]

- Soiled Lace, the tavern in the Pyaransk Docks, is now open. [by Saadow and Mr Brains]

- The Venomous Lioness renovated its tower and upstairs. [by RamanaJala]

- A sanctuary of Elistrae has been built deep into the Underdark. [by RamanaJala]

Module Updated - v1.24 Weapon Empowering Edition (2022-05-15)

- Empowered Elemental Enchantment The elven smithy now empower to 1d8 your existing elemental enchantment. If you already recieved the original (1d6) enchantment, ask FlowerGolem on Discord or in game so you can be reimbursed.

- Weapon Sharpening The elven smithy now can also increase the enchantment of your weapon and makes it keen. First time you get +4, second time you get +5, third time you get Keen. Each time you will need one of the Spark of Power.

- Pyaransk Docks The new Pyaransk Docks have been built.

- Tower near Newland Bay A well-known necromancer has finished building a tower near Newland Bay.

- Famous dressmaker A famous dressmaker will soon open a new shop in the City of Leaves.

Module Updated - v1.23 City of Leaves Edition (2022-05-08)

- City of Leaves The City of Leaves is finally open to everyone! Access is from the Wild Woods Center. The city is hostile to Gnolls and Drows, but they can sneak in invisible and merchants will deal with them!

- Sparks of Power When your PC becomes epic, and every 50K XP afterwards, you automatically get a spark of power. These can be exchanged for powerful items.

- Elemental enchantment In the City of Leaves you can use one new element to enchant your weapon, and you can also empower the elemental enchantment to increase the damage and make your weapon glow!

- 57 new items For sale at the City of Leaves and in drops: 12 belts, 6 amulets, 6 rings, 6 outfits, 5 shields, 5 boots, 5 cloaks, 5 light armors, 4 gloves and 3 medium/heavy armors. Go get that gear! (18 items are made by Spooni)

- Monks orders Spooni has made 5 specific monk robes which can be given by DMs to represent the powers of several monk orders: Long death, Kossuth, Hin Fist, Sun Soul, Shadow.

- New area Discover the Ruby Lake, north of the volcano and west of the Ruby Cliff. Rumors say there is a monster hiding under the water.

- Quests There is one new legendary quest and eight new messenger quests.

- Quests The /quest command will now display if you can take a new quest or not.

- Quests Quests will now be offered in a random order while still cycling through all available, in order to avoid suggesting the same quest twice until a new cycle is started.

Direct Connect to Adalee (2022-05-04)

While the Master server is down, you can direct connect to Adalee using as server address.

Module Updated - v1.22 Easter Reloaded Edition (2022-04-19)

- Quests Added one new legendary quest, for 6 in total.

- Boss creature The strongest boss creatures (worth of Tier 9 treasure) cannot be slain with a single lucky Devastating Critical or Finger of death anymore.

- Factions More merchants are now willing to deal with monsters, because business is business. You may have to find a way to get past the guards though.

- Bugfix There is now a cooldown with the Minotaur lever.

- Bugfix Doors of the Thorned Rose are back in place.

- DM New commands for DM will allow them to fix things more easily and create better events!

Module Updated - v1.21 Easter Edition (2022-04-17)

- New area Rocky Hills, located south of the Wild Pass, east of the South road, and north of Feysong.

- New small dungeon Rocky Hills Cave. Bears are numerous outside this cave. This cave must be special then. If you got a death wish, you can check it out.

- New large dungeon Rocky Hills Maze. It's the home of minotaurs. This is a medium level dungeon, that could be seen as intermediate between Hobgoblins and the Forgotten City. Foes are really numerous though. The King is something else though, and has Tier 9 treasure.

- Pyaransk guards The guards have now better equipment, as follow-up to RP.

- Quests Two new legendary quests are available. Also, thieves quests are now given by Captain Iron Hornet.

- RP Follow up Some areas have been altered based on past RP.

New website online (2022-04-12)

The new website has been put online. It gives precious, detailed informations about the game world and can be used as a reference while in game. Enjoy!

Module Updated - v1.20 Summons Edition (2022-03-28)

- Collisions As a live test for Adalee, the stock NWN collision system has been disabled to remove all pushing (no more falling from a tower or balcony) and make pathfinding much less troublesome. Please tell me how it goes! (thanks to SteelSweets)

- PRC Prerequisites The race requirements for the Arcane Archer and Dwarven Defender PRCs have been removed (thanks to Feelin'Shifty)

- Gnolls 11 new gnoll appearances are available (307-317). Ask a DM if you want to get another appearance for your gnoll PC.

- Time Stop This spell does not halt the whole server anymore.

- Walk The /walk command now works correctly with low strength PC. The new command /walktoggle allows you to switch between walking and running (useful as a hotbar command).

- Areas update Mistress Mistari has improved her house (thanks to gorga), while Vur has extended his influence a bit.

- Bugfix Elder Elementals are now fixed and use the new appearance.

- Summons Most summons now last 12 hours (24 if extended) and get more HP if you have Spell Focus Conjuration (even more with Greater Spell Focus and Epic Spell Focus) : Summon Monster 1-9, Shelgarn Persistant Blande, Mordenkainen Sword, Lesser Planar Binding, Planar Binding, Greater Planar Binding, Planar Ally, Gate.

- Elemental Summons The new command /elemental allows you to select which of earth, fire, air, and fire you summon with Summon Monster 7-9. The random setting allows fate to choose between all four kinds.

- Planar Summons The new /planar command allows you to choose which of the good, neutral, or evil planar summons you receive when using Lesser Planar Binding, Planar Binding, Greater Planar Binding, Planar Ally, and Gate. The 'default' setting allows you to get your summon based on your own alignment like in vanilla NWN.

- Gate The gate spell will now only summon a balor if the PC is evil or /planar set to evil. For good or neutral, it will gate into the same creature as Greater Planar Binding but with more HP. For those, no protection from evil is needed.

- Undead summons Undead summon spells now last 12 hours (24 if extended) and get more HP if you have Spell Focus Necromancy (even more with Greater Spell Focus and Epic Spell Focus) : Animate Dead, Create Undead, Create Greater Undead, Summon Undead, Summon Greater Undead.

- Undead summons level The new command /undead allows you to set the caster level for an undead summon since you get very different summons based on level and the higher summon is not always desirable. You cannot set a higher level than your current level. Use 0 to reset to caster level.

- Shadow Summons The shadow summon from Shadow Conjuration, Greater Shadow Conjuration, Shades and Negative Plane Avatar (Death cleric domain) now lasts 12 hours (24 hours if extended) and gets more HP if you have Spell Focus Illusion (even more with Greater Spell Focus and Epic Spell Focus).

- Humanoid Summons The new command /summons can be used to toggle between 'regular' and 'humanoid' for the Summon Monster 1-9 spells. Humanoid creatures are made by Saadow.